Immunity Drip in
Houston, TX

Benefits of an Immunity Drip

The Immunity Drip is a targeted IV solution that delivers a potent blend of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. This method ensures maximum absorption, providing rapid and effective support to your immune system.



Enhanced Immunity

Equip your body to fight off infections and illnesses more effectively.


Antioxidant Protection

Combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress with powerful antioxidants.


Improved Overall Vitality

Feel an overall boost in your energy levels and wellness along with immunity.

Premium Quality

Immunity Drip Ingredient List

Saline Bag

Provides essential hydration and ensures optimal delivery of nutrients.


A group of essential nutrients that support energy levels and brain function.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant known for its role in bolstering the immune system.


Vital for immune function and plays a role in cell growth and repair.

Why Choose Puur Drip?

Patient at Puur Drip receiving an IV

Tailored Treatment

Our treatments align with your specific health objectives.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team comprises seasoned experts who are passionate about your health journey

Full Spectrum Care

From initial consultation to consistent follow-ups, we're committed to your success.

Educative Approach

We empower you with knowledge about your condition and treatment.

Ask Us About IV Drips

How long does an IV Drip Take?

Each treatment will typically take 35 to 45 minutes of your time. In some cases, drips may take an hour at the most.

How Often Should I Receive Treatment?

In general, it is recommended to receive IV drips no more than once a week. Consulting with our healthcare professional will help us understand and tailor your treatment.

Can I Customize MY IV Drip?

We offer add-on vitamins for drips, and our providers will consult with you to select the vitamins that best fit your needs.

We Accept FSA/HSA