Experience the Power of an IV Drip Infusion

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What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapy) is a cutting-edge health and wellness treatment that delivers vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Unlike traditional methods of consuming nutrients through food or oral supplements, IV Therapy bypasses the digestive system, allowing for maximum absorption and immediate benefits.

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Fast Acting Results

IV Therapy absorption is much faster and effective than oral.

Young Man happy during his day from an IV Drip

Safe and Proven

IV Therapy is a very safe treatment with few side effects, if any.

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Our services can be provided in our office setting, or mobile.


A Powerhouse IV Infusion for Enhanced Energy, Immunity, and Overall Wellness


Strengthen, Shield, and Recover – Fortify Your Health and Defend Against Illness


Rehydrate, Replenish, and Revive – Conquer Hangovers and Reclaim Your Day


Ignite Your Metabolism and Energize Your Life for Recovery and Performance


Empower Your Mind, Boost Your Memory, and Unleash Your Learning Potential


Rediscover Your Radiance, Revitalize Your Beauty, and Embrace a Timeless Glow That is Your Own

IV Drip Ingredients

Myers Cocktail Drip

1000mL Saline Bag | Magnesium | B-Complex | Vitamin C Zinc | B12

Hangover Drip

1000mL Saline Bag | Ondansetron | B-Complex | Mineral Blend

Brain Fuel Drip

1000mL Saline Bag | L-Taurine | Amino Blend

Immunity Drip

1000mL Saline Bag | Vitamin C | B-Complex Zinc

Marathon Drip

1000mL Saline Bag | B-Complex | Amino Blend | Mineral Blend | Vitamin C

Fountain of Youth Drip

1000mL Saline Bag | Biotin | Vitamin C | B-Complex

Why Puur Drip For An IV Drip?

Patient at Puur Drip receiving an IV

Tailored Treatment

Our treatments align with your specific health objectives.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team comprises seasoned experts who are passionate about your health journey

Full Spectrum Care

From initial consultation to consistent follow-ups, we're committed to your success.

Educative Approach

We empower you with knowledge about your condition and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions. Please feel to reach out to us by phone. We are more than happy to assist you.

No, we encourage walk-ins. Feel free to book an appointment to secure your spot and complete any intake forms prior to your visit.

Each treatment will typically take 35 to 45 minutes of your time.

In general, it is recommended to receive IV drips no more than once a week. This is because the body can only absorb a certain amount of fluids and nutrients at a time. Consulting with our healthcare professional will help us understand and tailor your treatment.

We offer add-on vitamins for drips, and our providers will consult with you to select the vitamins that best fit your needs. minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation.

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