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IV Drips for Vitamins and Hydration

Vitamin intravenous (IV) therapy is a popular treatment these days. In this process, vitamins are infused into the bloodstream directly through IV drips. It can also help the body to get some extra hydration.


Many people take vitamins and supplements, but IV drip treatment is another popular form of vitamin intake, and it is growing in popularity. Celebrities and social media influencers are endorsing this form of injecting extra vitamins and hydration directly into the bloodstream. 


Vitamin IVs are excellent solutions for those struggling with digestive or respiratory conditions. These solutions are also advertised to be greatly helpful in sports recovery or hangovers. Wellness centers like Puur Drip and any other nearby clinics can offer IV drip treatment. However, there are associated risks and potential drawbacks that you should be aware of. For more, let’s explore IV drips in detail. 


What are IV drips?

An IV Drip is a type of intravenous treatment that slowly infuses vitamins into the bloodstream directly through a plastic catheter inserted into the vein. IV Drips are mainly used for 45-60 minutes. The average intake of fluid and other forms of vitamins is 250-1000 ml injected per session. Patients can freely read, work, or relax. 


What IV Drips Contain?

Vitamins in IV Drips vary depending on specific needs. Some IV drips may contain electrolytes and salts, while others include sugars, vitamins, and antioxidants according to each individual’s need. 


However, the most common ingredients in the IVs include: 


  • Electrolytes: These are essential elements and compounds for the hydration of our bodies. They are also essential to regulate nerve and muscle function, blood pressure, and much more. Besides sodium, your body also needs potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride and phosphate, and all these substances are electrolytes. 
  • Vitamins: Vitamins and antioxidants give us a boost of energy, strengthen our immune system, and several other benefits.
  • Saline: This is the most common solution of fluid salt for IVs. Since sodium is an electrolyte, a saline solution works magically for anyone struggling with dehydration and hangovers.


This may look a lot different for patients when admitted to the hospital which can include:


  • Contrast agents: These are the substances used in medical imaging to enhance the visibility of certain structures or fluids in the wearer’s body. They are sometimes also delivered through an IV drip during imaging procedures like CT scans or MRIs.
  • Blood products: IV drips may restore blood to restore factors like red blood cells, plasma, or platelets in some cases. This is done with patients struggling with conditions like anaemia or bleeding disorders. 
  • Medications: According to certain conditions, various medications can be added to the IV drip for pain, nausea, infection, or any other underlying medical condition. 


Effectiveness of IV Drips Treatment 

Studies show that  86% of adults in the United States take vitamin supplements, but many are considering vitamin IV therapy as an alternative to these supplements. Because IV fluids bypass the digestive system, their effectiveness can be felt more quickly than when taken as an oral supplement.


Vitamin IV drips can be a resourceful way for those struggling with serious digestive conditions to absorb the necessary nutrients to enjoy life to the fullest and healthy way possible. 


Research shows that IV drip treatment is an efficient approach for people struggling with certain conditions, such as acute asthma in young children. However, more research is required to confirm whether vitamin IV therapy should be recommended in nonmedical situations. 


This effectiveness of IV drips can lead to several health benefits. However, benefits can vary depending on the condition treated, the protocol used, the overall health of the client, and number of treatments done. Some of the major reported benefits include:


  • More energy
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improved jet lag
  • Improved hangover
  • Improved complexion
  • Reduced signs of ageing
  • Increased calmness and relaxation
  • Stronger immunity 


Are IV drips safe?

Yes, IV drips are safe for everyone. Patients report feeling better after getting IV treatment, which is almost a harmless process. These treatments are good if you’re struggling with dehydration or are sick and can’t intake some substances orally. IV drips should also be taken in a safe and clean environment. 


If you have any other medical condition, ensure you consult with your doctor prior to treatment to avoid any complications later. 


Testimonials about IV therapy Drips 

There is no shortage of testimonials online from people who received IV drips and felt more alert and healthier after vitamin IV therapy. But this doesn’t mean these IV drips worked wonders for everyone. 


This is important to consider because many people can get the necessary vitamins and minerals through diet. A poll performed for the American Osteopathic Association showed that only 24% of people taking supplements were found to be deficient in vitamins. 


Drawbacks of IV treatment 

We have seen how IV drip treatment can provide many health benefits. However, there are also some drawbacks that are worth considering. 


  • Increased likelihood of IV-related risks
  • High levels of certain vitamins in the body can cause possible serious side effects.
  • Release of many extra water-soluble vitamins after consuming a certain amount 


Essential considerations if you’re planning IV drips treatment 

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of IV treatment because many people have reported feeling better after the treatment. However, there are certain things that are worth considering if you’re planning IV drip treatment.


  • If you have a medical condition, we advise you to talk with your primary care doctor to ensure you only take IV Vitamin Therapy if it is right for you.
  • Ensure the doctor you are receiving IV vitamin therapy from is certified and treats you after due consideration of all your health conditions and concerns.
  • Ensure you thoroughly research the clinic before booking an appointment to avoid any inconveniences. The regulated clinic should have a thorough medical evaluation in place before you appear for the procedure.
  • Clinicians must ask about your medical history, medications and allergies.
  • You should never feel hurried, and a nurse should explain everything that happened to you during the whole process. 


For instance, we recommend Puur Drip because we have confirmed everything important about it. If you are in doubt, ask for credentials without hesitation. 


Frequently Asked Questions about IV Drips 

How often should you consider IV therapy drip treatment?


How often you choose to get IV treatment entirely depends on your personal needs and preferences. However, some factors can influence the frequency of IV treatment:


  • Your budget
  • Extent of deficient vitamins and minerals.
  • Present medical condition 


You may like to get IV treatment only when you’re sick or any other certain condition that leaves your body feeling more drained than usual. Alternatively, plan for regular weekly vitamin IV therapy if you have trouble digesting or absorbing nutrients from food.  


Do you still need daily supplements if you are getting IV treatment?


Even on IV therapy to increase the amount of vitamins in your body, physicians can prescribe you to take daily supplements for the nutrients not included. Your doctor can also recommend the use of oral supplements if the IV therapy is spaced out. You will need to take supplements on days when you aren’t getting vitamin IV. However, it is advised to consult your doctor about your specific nutritional needs when taking daily vitamin supplements.


How much money do you need to get IV treatment?


The cost of vitamin IVs varies drastically by country and where you get them done. For instance, in the United States, prices range from $200 to $1,000 per bag. You may expect the cost to rise with the inclusion of desired vitamins. Even on health insurance, some vitamin IVs aren’t necessarily for your health, so you have to pay full price for them. 


How long do the benefits of IV drip treatment last?


Typically, the benefits of IV treatment are evident after a 12–24 hour infusion. Many people report positive feelings after intake. However, the effects of IV treatment can last from 8 days to 3 weeks.


Concluding Thoughts 


Infusion of certain vitamins and minerals through IV drips is an excellent choice for people struggling with certain health conditions who need immediate treatment. 

We have explored various aspects of IV drip treatment. You may consider getting this treatment at home, at a club, or at Puur Drip, an expert-oriented health and wellness centre under the supervision of professionals with years of experience. We have provided you with almost everything important about IV drips. Furthermore, we recommend that you consult a doctor before committing to the treatment. 


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