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Experience all-day energy with the Energy Patch, featuring 1mg Taurine, 1mg Glucuronolactone, 3.5mg Green Tea Extract, and 5mg Caffeine for a smooth, steady boost. It’s the perfect, discreet way to stay energized without the jitters.





Unlock the power of sustained energy with our revolutionary Transdermal Energy Patch. Specifically designed for those who need a reliable boost without the inconvenience of energy drinks or the jitteriness of pills, our patch is a game-changer in personal energy solutions.

Key Ingredients:

  • Taurine (1mg): This amino sulfonic acid is a building block of vitality, known to support neurological development and regulate water and mineral levels in your blood, helping to stave off fatigue and keep you focused.
  • Glucuronolactone (1mg): A naturally occurring substance that helps in the formation of glycogen, Glucuronolactone works to fend off physical and mental weariness while detoxifying the body, enhancing your stamina and alertness.
  • Green Tea Extract (3.5mg): Packed with powerful antioxidants, our concentrated green tea extract provides a gentle lift in energy levels while supporting your metabolism, promoting overall well-being and vigor.
  • Caffeine (5mg): A familiar pick-me-up, caffeine in our patches provides a subtle yet effective burst of energy that can enhance cognitive performance and focus without the crash of high-dose oral caffeine.

Product Features:

  • Sustained Release Technology: Our patch gradually releases the active ingredients into your system over the course of the day, providing a steady stream of energy without spikes and crashes.
  • Easy to Use: Simply apply the patch to a clean, dry area of skin, and you’re ready to go. It’s discreet, convenient, and perfect for busy individuals on the move.
  • Long-Lasting: Each patch is designed to deliver consistent energy for up to 8 hours, ensuring that you stay energized and alert throughout your entire day.
  • Natural Formula: Made with naturally derived ingredients, our energy patch is a healthy alternative to sugar-laden energy drinks and artificial stimulants.
  • Allergy-Friendly: Free from common allergens, our patches are suitable for a wide range of dietary restrictions and sensitivities.


Whether you’re powering through a long workday, gearing up for a workout, or simply looking for a steady energy lift, the Energy Patch is your go-to source for enduring stamina and mental clarity. Try it out and feel the difference as you tackle your day with newfound energy and focus.

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